Sculpture, carving, turning and cabinet woods for sale.
Leigh Morgan 98 Old Pacific Highway Raleigh 2454 NSW Australia.
Cedar Tree

Cedar Tree in Bellingen NSW.

Branches and limbs for sale

Sculptors, carvers, turners and cabinet makers take note:
I have several Tons of local Aistralian Red cedar, some Rosewood, Blackbean, and Huon Pine all for   SALE

Even if my body was young again, I would still sell a lot as there will still be enough left to keep me supplied with excellent carving and sculpture wood for several life times!
There are some very large stumps, a lot of branches from 4cm dia to 30cm dia, 2 very laege cedar trunks, roots, butresses, limbs, burls, and a couple of planks,
Prices for cedar and rosewood range from $1000 to $3,000 per cubic meter, dependant on size and colour.
For example a Red Cedar limb 20cm dia and 1 meter long would cost between $70 and $80,
and a Red Cedar branch 10cm dia and 1 meter long would cost about $10,
one of the large roots $200 a trunk half meter diameter and 1.2 meters long $600 to $700

For internet enquiries please use my Order Form or email Leigh Morgan

This cedar log is over 1 meter diameter.











Roots like this make great table bases.

Ribbon Bird " Ribbon Bird " 1987 by Leigh Morgan

Purchased April 1998 by Coffs Harbour City Council as an exchange gift for it's sister city Sasebo, Japan

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