Leigh Morgan Sculptor

Sculptor, Painter, World Traveler, and a bit of a Francophile

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I am primarily a sculptor who uses the buttresses, roots, forked limbs and butts of the now rare Australian Red Cedar and Rosewood trees I have scavenged or bought locally in the Bellinger valley or on the Dorrigo Plateau on the North Coast of New South Wales, Australia Recently I have also used Wallnut, Chessnut and Olive woods which are local to my Southern France base in Le Vigan whithin the Cevennes National Park.
I have an empathy with my favourite wood ~ Australian Red Cedar which to me has the best of qualities, it is truly beautiful, full of life and potential, soft and responsive yet strong and enduring.
Previously I was known for painting portraits, abstracts and landscapes, but I switched to sculpting after a summer school with sculptor Bert Fugleman in 1985.
I was trained by Melbourne artists Amby Dyson, Vic O'Conner and Noel Counihan - all friends of my late father Frank W Morgan, an established artist and recognised member of the George Bell School.
My wife, Liz Challis and I live near Bellingen on the North Coast of NSW or in the South of France in Cevennes town of Le Vigan.

Leigh Morgan's sculptures are represented in collections in England, France, USA, Russia, Germany, Japan and in the Australian states of NSW, Qld, WA, SA & Tas. (For those living in Sydney, check out the two in the windiw of the new Ralph Lauren store in Pitt St. on the corner of King Street.)
The sculptures and the paintings of Liz Challis are currently on exhibition at the Intertwined Gallery nesar Bellingen at 96 Old Pacific Highway Raleigh NSW.
Some sculptures can also be purchased through the Saatchi Gallery, Chealsea London

Sculptures~(many more will be added over the coming week)

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seraphic harp

Seraphic Harp

Australian Red Cedar

Our Gallery in Australia, Le Vigan in France and a link to Liz's paintings and collages

Intertwined Gallery

Featuring the Sculptures of Leigh Morgan, the Paintings and Collages of Liz Challis and many other works by Australian and International artists


Le Vigan 30120 France

The amazing village of beauty and music and fun bars in the Cevennes National Park where we enjoy life so much. We work, create, and exhibit there every European summer.


"Briony" collage 2018 by Liz Challis

A commissioned collage created in Le Vigan by my beautiful wife Liz Challis
Click the image to transport to her Collages and Paintings