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Updated September 2018

Past Winner of the Sydney Royal Easter Show Figurative Sculpture Prize.
"Patrons of the Gallery respond instinctively to the elegance of Leigh's beautifully hand polished cedar sculptures, stroking the wood whilst commenting upon the unusual skill he calls on to realise his powerful contemporary works."     ~ Michael Berry - Sweetwater Gallery

Leigh uses the buttresses, roots, forked limbs and butts of the now rare Australian Red Cedar and Rosewood trees he has scavenged or bought locally in the Bellinger valley or on the Dorrigo Plateau. His empathy with is medium shows in his description of his preferred wood - "Cedar has the best of qualities, it is truly beautiful, full of life and potential, soft and responsive yet strong and enduring". Leigh who was previously known for his portraits, abstracts and landscapes, switched to sculpting after a summer school with sculptor Bert Fugleman in 1985. He works 5 to 8 hours every day and produces 4 or 5 major works and 10 to 12 smaller pieces a year.
Leigh Morgan was trained by Melbourne artists Amby Dyson, Vic O'Conner and Noel Counihan - all friends of his late father Frank W Morgan, an established artist and recognised member of the George Bell School. Leigh now lives near Bellingen on the North Coast of NSW.
Leigh Morgan's sculptures and paintings are represented in collections in NSW, Queensland, Victoria, Tasmania, England, USA, Russia, Germany and Japan. His sculptures are currently on exhibition at Bellingen Art Works - 96 Old Pacific Highway Raleigh NSW and at the Gannon and Bischof galleries in Sydney.

Top:   "Tribute to garry Greenwood"   Aust. Red Cedar 2005 (French polish .75 Meters.)
Below  "La fem beastialle"   Aust. Rosewood 2006 (French polish 1.5 Meters.)

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